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I love how open-ended this week’s prompt is!  I really don’t know if it was supposed to Halloween-friendly fears or more general and serious topics! I’m going to try and wing this and interprete it my own way and I guess Only time will tell if everyone else interpreted it the same way. Here are some of the things that make me shudder.

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I Know they are not really consider much of a threat, but I can’t stand roaches. I’m a logical person who knows there’s nothing in them that could ever hurt me. This is much less true in the middle of the night if I wake up and a cockroach skitters across the floor I will scream the house down. everything about them down to pictures of cockroaches disgust me. 


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I don’t know how best to explain this as I am not totally a control freak but thinking of years from now and not knowing exactly what’s bound to happen gives me anxiety. I guess this started when I lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly as I had always taught I will always have my parents around. I Know I’m not and cannot be incontrol of what tomorrow brings but having a glimpse or a slight sense of it all calms me.


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Yes!! I hate those crawling little terrors. I don’t even care if there are considered venomous or not, I don’t want them anywhere around me. When I was younger, the biggest threat you can give me to get my ass out of anywhere is to tell me you saw a milipede there once. I don’t even care if it was from years ago. My brothers haunted me with that phobia for years and even still catch me unaware sometimes till now and I am a grown woman. I still get super jumpy around my house even if I know there is no way one will get in just because my brother said he saw one once when he was visiting. I know it was a lie but I still look around the house and wishing I still live with my mum to help me check and assured me she took all out. I’d rather a snake enters my house than a milipede. I can easily tackle a snake but will never be anywhere close to a milipede.


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This might sound a little strange and probably need a little explaining. I normally text and email to keep in touch with loved ones for years now and don’t really make phone calls unless it’s urgent. Phone calls are reserved for horrible, urgent news like someone dying, being sent to the hospital with a life-threatening illness or something generally horrible happening. This makes me nervous when my phone does ring and there’s anyone from my family on call display because I know that chances are high I’m about to hear heartbreaking news. We have group texting and all and talk everyday but the other day, my phone rang and I saw my sister’s number pop up and I suddenly started to panic and the first thing I asked was ” what is happening? everybody alright”

Probably be difficult for you to understand but losing anyone close to me has been my biggest fear and I know it’s a horrible way to live!


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I have a fear of being trapped in an elevator. Blame it on all the years of horror movies and tv series I’ve been watching. The worst feeling is getting in an elevator alone and an alarm goes off and all the horrible movie scenes I’ve seen over the years of all the horrible ways one can die. lol! I always have a moment of panic that I’ll be trapped inside as it plunges down to the basement floor or of no one noticing and I suffocate. Probably don’t help much that I am claustrophobic. I prefer taking stairs if I can help it.

What are some things that scares you?? Do you share any of mine??

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