It’s just been made known to me that I needed to revisit this! A very kind Sir just reminded me that I am indeed doing what I had set out to do! Maybe not entirely, but I am😅

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So here is an UPDATED version of the Journey as it is!
Thank you all for coming on this journey with me and for sticking by! I truly appreciate every last one of you❤️ And just a kind reminder to please tag along as I discover myself and reveal all I want this blog to be about… BIGGER THINGS COMING SOON…..

Love & Light

P.S Update version below


Thanks for joining me!

Dear dreamer, traveler and digital wanderer, you’ve finally arrived! You’ve just entered a happy virtual home where everything is about travels, dreams, love, minimalism, coffee, books and stories of course. I’m very glad you are here and welcome to my happy place!

        WHO AM I?

I’m Aurore Anne Chehoke – A Dreamer, Rebel and storyteller.

That actually isn’t my real name, but it’s the name I Choose to use when I wear the clothes of the traveller, the writer, the photographer, the adventurer and the storyteller.

I’m a wannabe creative digital nomad with a soul and a heart first and foremost. This blog has been a long time coming… I’ve been letting fear of the unknown and uncertainty, get the better of me but no more. So here we go…

I am a bit of a rebel and a drama queen who has finally decided…

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